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Victor Reader Stream 2

The new generation Victor Reader Stream is smaller and lighter with all the
features that made the original Stream awesome, plus new capabilities that
make it even cooler and better!

With it you can...  
  • Play DAISY books from NLS, Bookshare, Learning Ally
  • Play iTunes music and books and your own MP3s
  • Listen to text documents with beautiful new text-to-speech voices
  • And much more...

Here's What's New!!!

Smaller, Thinner, Sleeker
The new Stream has kept the same raised keypad size and functions, yet the overall size of the Stream is 28% smaller. It's thinner, sleeker, and has a nicer feel with rounded corners and edges.
What we and our customers have so liked about the previous Stream model is how easy it is to learn and use. The new Stream has the exact same size keypad with the same feel as the original. The buttons are all raised and have special functions so you don't have to go through a bunch of menus to do what you want. Everything you have learned works just the same on the new Stream.

Improved Louder Speaker
The internal speaker of the new Stream has been greatly improved. It is now loud enough to comfortably listen to without the use of a headset or ear buds.

Customers have asked for this. You can now find out the time with the press of a button.

New Ear-Pleasing Text-To-Speech Voices
For those of you who listen to text documents and books, you will be happy to know the new Stream has beautiful new voices that are more human sounding and easier listening. The Stream's improved memory capacity has made it possible to use the highest quality Ryan and Heather Acapela voices available.

Charge the Battery via Micro-USB
On the old Stream, recharging was done with an AC adapter and occasionally someone would use a wrong adapter by accident and damage their Stream. This is no longer possible. The new Stream is now conveniently charged via the provided Micro-USB cable, either connected to a computer or with the supplied USB AC adapter. And no need to worry, any Micro-USB cable/power source, from computer to battery pack to adapters in cars or airplanes, can be used for charging.

WiFi Connectivity
Using the Stream's new WiFi feature, you can easily connect to WiFi networks to download software updates for your Stream and to download your NLS BARD key - there's no need to use an SD card for these tasks anymore. More WiFi features are planned through free updates in the future.

Record in Stereo
Not only can you record in mono from the built in microphone as previously, you can now also record in stereo by plugging an external stereo microphone into the microphone jack. You can also use the microphone jack as a line-in jack to make high quality recordings from your CD player or other sources. You can record in WAV and with different qualities of MP3 settings.

SoftPak Included
All the additional formats that could be purchased at an additional cost in the previous Stream's SoftPak are now included in the new Stream at no additional cost.
For almost everything you ever wanted to know about the Stream and more, check out
Stream FAQ.
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