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Brailliant Braille Displays

Blinksoft distributes Braillaint displays  locally in South Carolina only

The new Brailliant from Humanware is of beautiful design and high quality.  It has a sleek and solid feel at an amazing price.

Brailliant 32: $2595
Brailliant 40: $2995
Brailliant 80: $7985
picture of brailliant in use
Some cool features and aspects of the new Brailliant are:

  • Thin, compact, and lightweight -- easy to carry with you and fit in front of a laptop or keyboard
  • Works with iPads, iPods, and iPhones, as well as your preferred screen reader
  • Connects via both USB and Bluetooth
  • Has an ergonomic braille keyboard for writing -- with JAWS 12 and Apple iOS devices you can write in grade 2 braille (with Window-Eyes you need to use grade 1) and your braille will be properly translated into print in documents, emails, and such
  • Has 3 vertical braille dot keys at the ends of the display like the older Brailliants that will do Windows and screen reader commands. 
  • Using the braille keyboard to write and vertical braille dot keys to issue commands minimizes the need to take your hands off the display and move them up to the computer keyboard
  • Has thumb-keys for navigation on the front just like those on the BrailleNote Apex -- we've always preferred thumb-key movement on a braille display over panning with keys on the top because your thumbs hang down right where they need to be and you can keep panning forward without interrupting reading
picture of Brailliant 40
Brailliant 40
We're very excited about the new Brailliant. Its full complement of features are very well designed, easy to learn and easy to use, and it is by far the nicest display we have seen for the price.

Please call or email us for pricing, or with any other questions you may have.

A couple notes:
  • The 80 cell Brailliant has all the features listed except it does not have the braille writing keyboard.
  • For clarification, the former Brailliant was made by Baum in Germany, then localized and brought into the US by Humanware under the Brailliant name. This time, Humanware designed and manufactured the display themselves and decided to keep the "Brailliant" brand name for their own display.